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a start of something ending...well, whatever.

Wahh~ Im so bored to day Im i thought i edit my account here in LJ (that i made days ago..) I'm gonna post my reviews about anything I thought up, whether it's about an anime episode, drama, manga, songs, bands, toilet papers or anything...I'm random so please take in mind that I may posts reviews on non-sense to sense stuffs...please do comment if you think i typed something wrong or i said something stupid/insulting,,,i might type something out-of-the-blue and i usually don't proofread it to see if i make mistakes or what so ever...and also i don't have posting patterns,,so i might post today,,,then next year,,then the day after,, then i might abandon this completely...also i may go out in space sometimes so please excuse me if i update after eternity...and of course, my grammar..English is not my mother touge/language so i might (so many 'might') spell something incorrectly or the message im trying to say ends up sounding something bitchy..please excuse.

That's it for now. Sorry if i sound boring but i'll try to be more "energetic" in my future posts...also i might post some stories so please do comment...if you have hands, that is, and if you can really comprehend what i just wrote^^

Thanks a lot.

   Signing Out.

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