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KAT-TUN: Akanishi Jin

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( God, I love this poses of him. I like megane Jin, oblivious Jin and most of all, seducing Jin. Haha! )

Jin Akanishi (赤西 仁 ,Akanishi Jin?) (born July 4, 1984) is a Japanese idol, singer-songwriter, actor, seiyū and television personality. Akanishi is a member of the popular J-pop boy band, KAT-TUN, and is the second vocalist. Akanishi is also a budding actor with roles in the second season of popular NTV school drama, Gokusen, and Yukan Club. He is also a co-host of KAT-TUN's own variety show, Cartoon KAT-TUN.

Born in Tokyo on July 4, 1984, Akanishi is the eldest child. His family consists of his parents and a younger brother, Reio. He is also the childhood best friend of Kazuya Kamenashi. When he was still in grade school, a classmate sent in a photo of him to idol magazine, Myojo, and he was featured in the "Cool Classmates" corner of the issue. Akanishi's interest in the entertainment industry was piqued after seeing then-Johnny's Jr. member Ryo Nishikido singing on television and his mother sent in an application to Johnny's Entertainment on his behalf. He became a member of Johnny's Entertainment via audition on November 8, 1998, at the age of 14. He did not pass the first round of auditions. On his way out the door, he gave his number plate back to a "strange man" who told Akanishi to stay. The man turned out to be Johnny Kitagawa himself. After he was made a Johnny's Jr. member in 2000, Akanishi was part of a number of groups like Musical Academy Dancing, J2000 and B.A.D. before being drafted into a six-member unit in 2001 with other juniors Kazuya Kamenashi, Junnosuke Taguchi, Koki Tanaka, Tatsuya Ueda and Yuichi Nakamaru.

Much to the Japanese public's surprise, Akanishi announced in a press conference on October 13, 2006 that he was leaving the country to study English abroad for an indefinite amount of time. Many rumours started going around such as him getting a 14 year old highschool girl pregnant (rumours say that it was then 14 year old Chinami Tokunaga from Berryz Kobo), getting jelous over Kame for debuting first (Shuji to Akira) but none are confirmed. It was a very traumatic time for the whole JE (Johnny's Entertainment) fandom, a lot of fans were running around trying to figure out exactly what was going on.

[ taken from: KAT-TUN POST ]

"On October 12, 2006, Akanishi announced a hiatus from the group in order to study linguistics abroad in the United States (Los Angeles precisely), leaving KAT-TUN as a five-member group for six months. This new development saddened many due to the fact that they can't "be with" Jin for half a year (polls/surveys tell that Jin has the most number of fans out of the 6 ) and also left the media buzzing about it. Many topics were created over the net about this sudden KAT-TUN turn, some fans were agry that "Jin only thinks of himself." others are greiving posting "Jin come back!!! we can't breath without you!!" (im exxagerating-lol). I'll interrupt first, I really thought that Koki was the one who went to LA before I was corrected by some fans, Koki is more vocal in saying that he want to go to the states to sharpen his english more, and also because he was more than fascinated in the way of life in America. He had said in some parts/clips of Cartoon KAT-TUN (if someone can recall their 'unplanned' trip to Chiba and some other place, they were ask where they would like to go Koki immediately said: "I kinda want to go to" he then was playfully slap by Kame, his companion that time. Phrases like: "I wanted to go to LA for half a year" or "I want to go to America" can be heared spoken by Koki, and of course, reaceiving a playful "That's not even possible." comments from Kame. ) that he wants to go to America for half-a-year if he's permitted."

Akanishi finally returned from Los Angeles after six months on April 19, 2007, an event which was accompanied by a massive nationwide media frenzy. He quickly resumed work by joining his bandmates on their nationwide tour on April 21.

Akanishi is also a songwriter having written songs for KAT-TUN and for himself, including "care", "Hesitate", "Love or Like" and "Lovejuice". He can play the guitar and has composed both music and lyrics for "Murasaki (ムラサキ ?)", "ha-ha", and "Pinky". He also collaborated with bandmate Ueda to create the song "Butterfly".

Akanishi Jin has some affectionate nicknames from fans. Jin is one of them, but there is also Bakanishi (baka literally means stupid; because he often acts childishly). With Kame, he is one of the two most famous KAT-TUN members. Some people mistakenly read Jin's name as Akanishi Hitoshi, due to the character used for this given name. Actually, in his debut as a Johnny's Junior in the magazine Myojo, his name was misprinted as Hitoshi. The name Jin comes from the five Confucian virtues -- 仁,义, 礼, 智 and 信 (meaning benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom, and truth). Jin's name means "benevolence".

For Jin, human relationships should be kept narrow but deep. He thinks having more 'that there is no need to have more friends than is necessary. If the number is smaller, the time you spend together gets longer.'  When asked what is the situation from which he would like to be rescued or he would like to rescue someone else he said that 'I think I would like to be rescued every morning. That's because I really cannot wake up in the morning... I would like to have someone come over and wake me up every morning. A situation I would like to rescue someone from... what could it be? I have people I would like to rescue, but also those I don't wish to. Of course I would want to help my friends... but this also depends on the time and situation, so I really cannot say anything about this.'

Within no time of his debut, Akanishi had literally become a female heartthrob in Japan. Apart form his success with the band and his acting stints, Akanishi Jin, is also quite famous for his well-styled hair, which he keeps changing from time to time for a better and sharper look!

But what has set him apart from the contemporary J-pop band brigade is his stylish locks. Akanishi Jin has been changing his hairdo quite often. He had short spikes with his natural black hair color, which he lengthened to long hair with curls at the end. This gave him a retro look of the 60s and made his fans go wild! When he had been sporting short hair, his hair stylist made his hair fall on his forehead in thin extensions. Akanishi had even sported long, messy blond locks in 2004. More recently, he has had his hair dyed copper with short bangs brushed to a side reflecting a matte effect. This style of Akanishi has attained almost cult status in Japan today.

Akanishi Jin has long been in the coveted spotlight of incredible fame and media blitz. But running parallel to his popularity as a singer-actor is his 'style-icon' tag, an honor that has been bestowed upon him mainly due to his oh-so-stylish-and-always-fashionably-hip hairdo!


Akanishi Jin (赤西仁)
Nicknames: Jinshi, Akanishi-kun, Bakanishi
Birthdate: July 4, 1984
Birth Place: Tokyo, Japan
Height: 175.6 cm (5'9")
Weight: 62 kg (137 pounds)
Chest: 80 cm (31 inches)
Waist: 68 cm ( 27 inches)
Hip: 86 cm (34 inches)
Foot: 26.5 cm (10 inches)
Eyesight: 1.5
Blood Type: O
Star sign: Cancer
Family: Parents & 1 Brother (Akanishi Reio)
Pets: 3 Dogs (Ten, Maru, Pin)
Favorite colors: black, white, silver, red
Most Hated Color: Golden Yellow
Favorite Food: Olive, pizza, yakinuki, pasta, kimchi, spicy foods, fruits.
Disliked Food: Coriander a.k.a Cilantro (spice)
Favorite season: spring, fall-autumn, summer (He never likes summer I think, because he have a weak nose.)
Favorite Places: Spain and America.
Favorite animals: Dogs and Lions
Favorite sport: soccer. Position: Forward., baseball
Favorite part of body: hair
Favorite Drink: Tomato Juice, Sports Drink, Tea, Chocolate Milk.
Favorite Subject: Physical Education
Favorite Flower: Cherry blossoms
Favorite Place to go: own house

Favorite Musicians: Eminem, Ne-yo, Kelly Clarkson.
Favorite KAT-TUN song: Care.
Fave kind of girl: bright, very outgoing, nice, caring, interesting and gentle. Age doesn't matter. (I knew it! He's talking about me! *_* love you too honey! )
Most Precious Things: Shoes, Necklaces, Watches, Hats, Friends, Family and KAT-TUN,
Childhood Dream: A soccer player. He wanted to join 'ヴェルG' (Name of a soccer team in Japan)
Sleep Time: 3-4 hours. he wants to sleep more,8 hours.(Oh, so that explains his always haggard look & eyebugs.T^T I'll cuddle you for free!)
Something he would like to study once more: English. More than grammar or anything, He wants to study conversation (speaking).
Needs: Water, FANS
Hobbies: Driving.
Special Skills: Signing, soccer, Kicking and Laughing.
Strong point: His hair, because it’s long and is stylish.
Scared of: Getting up early, Haunted House(Ghosts), Snakes, Bugs and Rats or mice
Weak Points: Collarbone.

More, More, More...

  • He have a brother, Akanishi Reio, who have entered the industry. Akanishi Reio (Souta) debuted by yokumiz 
  • When he was younger one of his family members pushed him overboard on a cruise, and he nearly drowned.
  • Some of his hobbies are: playing the guitar, writing songs, learning English, shopping and computer games.
  • He became a member of Johnny & Associates Entertainment Agency via audition on November 8, 1998, at the age of 14. He did not pass the first round of auditions. On his way out the door, he gave his number plate back to a “strange man” who told Akanishi to stay. The man turned out to be Johnny Kitagawa himself.
  • After chatting to the judges afterwards they decided that they liked his personality so much they let him in.
  • His type of girl is young, high-school age, plump but not fat, sexy but without acting it, with common sense and nice lips, kind, one who doesn't dress "scandalously".
  • He has a belly-button piercing and one or two ear piercings.
  • He wanted to be an actor so that he could kiss lots of beautiful women.
  • He has an obsession with America and England, and wants to try a homestay in one of the countries someday.
  • He writes more of KAT-TUN's songs than people think - Ueda revealed that Jin doesn't take credit for a lot of the songs he makes.
  • In his sleep he sometimes shouts out words in English (like "Stop!").
  • He is very ticklish on his collar-bone.
  • He says that Yamashita Tomohisa (YamaPi) is his best friend, but Kame is the person he cares most about in the world.
  • His first kiss was with the star of the drama "Anego" (the kiss scene in episode 2), for which he was so nervous that he cleaned his teeth before every take (and had to do about 19 takes).
  • He sometimes smoke.
  • One of Jin's favorite thing is sleeping.
  • The first thing he notices about girls are their lips.
  • He was voted by young members of Johnny's Juniors as the best-looking member of KAT-TUN in "KAT-TUN wo Abake".
  • Koki Tanaka from KAT-TUN (The Second "T") has stated that Akanishi is suitable for female roles.
  • He always performs the female roles in their skits (i.e nurse, mother) along side Kamenashi (i.e doctor, father).
  • Jin is often given female roles when performing skits with his band members because he ‘looks good as a girl’; Tanaka Koki once stated that he felt ‘doki doki’ seeing Jin in a nurse uniform. (* 'my heart goes hira hira' - koki)
  • Jin has three dogs, one of which is a toy poodle bought together with band member Kamenashi Kazuya and named Pin by Jin’s mother (not by Yamapi as thought by some fans). The name is a combination of Jin’s name and Yamapi’s. (aww! why not kamejin? it looks cute!)
  • One of his dog's name, Pin, is a collaboration of his and NEWS's Yamapi's names. (p+in)
  • Jin was ranked # 1 as the most wanted lover and most sexy idol in Japan according to a popular poll taken by DUET magazine in 2007
  • Jin, Yamashita Tomohisa, and Shirota Yuu all have friendship necklaces in the shape of a woman’s silhouette bought by Jin himself.
  • Jin and Yamapi have a special handshake that ends in a heart which they used to perform when they were children.
  • He is often talked about as being lazy and selfish. Something he doesn’t wholeheartedly object to.
  • He shared a pair of necklace with Yamapi (NEWS) and a pair of rings with Kame (KAT-TUN).
  • He hates gothic lolitas and emo.
  • He is not very clean when it comes to his room.
  • His mother, sometimes, is the one who fixes his closet.
  • He don't like expensive stuffs.
  • He can execute in his best after he got comfortable in his surroundings.
  • After we went shopping, he usually gives (i.e coins) to the poor.
  • He really, really likes kids.
  • He usually sleeps in shootings specially if he hears soft sounds.
  • He usually sing VERY LOUD in their house.
  • He still lives in his parents' place.
  • He is addicted to ALL STAR CONVERSE.
  • He rarely/never eats breakfast.
  • He is noted for his blunt actions and (sometimes) slow pick up.
  • He always play computer games when he have time and chat online.
  • The senpai that he looks up to is Kimura Takuya of SMAP.
  • Nakamaru Yuichi said that if Jin wants to, he can easily be #1, but even Jin himself admits that being an idol isnt his ideal job. Jin also said he hates to suck up with people for work in one magazine interview.
  • He is considered to be 'bold' in showing his love. He's the type to say 'Let's date!' all of a sudden, a Tensyou Kanpa type. ( a chauvinist male) Secret Personality Test!
  • He usually mumbles when talking and use 'slur' words often than necessary and even speak through his teeth(speaking without actually opening your mouth)  but he can also be a loud mouth if he's 'high' XDD

○ "Car shrimp."
○ "Go take a shower. Brush your teeth. Don't catch flu. Very good."
○ "I want four children right now."

& translation provided by: rindiggfelt 

Q: Do you have a memory of a "graduation ceremony" that you cannot forget?
A: When I was mistakenly called "Akanishi Hitoshi" by the school principal during my elementary school graduation ceremony. I was really shocked (tears).
Nakamaru: "Iya, we've really hit it off right from the beginning this year, haven't we." (2003)
Kame: "True. In baseball terms, we had a real rocket start."
Akanishi: "In soccer terms, it's a penalty kick!"
Taguchi: "I have no clue what you're talking about."

Jin, during a concert MC: "Thank you to all the fans who gave me a japanese dictionary with the note 'please get more intelligent soon'!"
(For fans who don't understand japanese this may be new, but Jin often gets the reading of kanji compounds wrong or doesn't know how to read a kanji. Even Kôki asked him once when Jin was supposed to read a fan letter on SC if he needed a dictionary.)

(Suddenly, when Nakamaru has been talking about his interest in space)
Jin: "There are people living on Mars."
Nakamaru: "Hah?"
Jin, in all earnesty: "No really, it's true!"

Jin: "I went to the beach with YamaPi and my parents, and I saw a ufo there. I quickly made a wish 'may I become happy'."

Jin: "One of my ancestors was Italian, so Italy is practically my hometown."

Jin: "No, I don't like writing mails on my cellphone. It's much easier to make a phone call than to press those tiny buttons one after the other."

Jin: "I've seen a lot of molesters, especially on the subway. There's men and women. But actually more men than women. There are actually five or six times more men than women."

Jin: "Huh, notify other people when I change my telephone number? I tell them when I meet them the next time."

Jin: "Kame ne, I expected him to be really bad at driving. But unexpectedly, he drives pretty normal."
Kame: "Hey! I drove in Tokyo, Chiba, Kanagawa, Hokkaidô and Okinawa, everywhere."
Jin: "Me too, I also got around. I was in Nerima, Futogotamagawa and such......."
Kame: "Aren't those all places in Tokyo?"
Jin: "Well, okay..."

Jin: "I caught a cold recently. It was quite cold, wasn't it? A friend then said to me 'If you wrap a towel around your neck and sleep like that, it'll be gone in the morning!'. I immediately did as he said, but there was no change in my condition. I thought that was strange and called him to make sure I had done it correctly. Well... it turned out you have to do that *before* you get a cold..."

Jin who's too late: "It's true that I fell asleep on the train and missed my stop. But you can't really blame me, in my dream, I was also on the train, and when it was my stop, I got out like I was supposed to."

Jin: "When I snuggle into my warm bed on a cold morning, that's the best time ever. Ah, but at the moment I don't have a bed, I sleep on a futon. The bed that I had before, I jumped on it and now one of the metal pipes is bent so that you can't use it anymore."

Nakamaru: "Did you know? In Turkey, you put a piece of cube sugar in your mouth before you drink your tea."
Jin: "Oh, I was going to feign disinterest, but, is that really true?"
Nakamaru: "It's true! I'm sorry, I'm someone who knows these tidbits of interesting info." [AN: To get the joke, you have to know that in japanese, "tidbits of info" means "mame chishiki", literally "beans knowledge".]
Jin: "Jaa, then you're new nickname is now 'beans'. By the way, in middle school I also had the nickname 'beans'."
Nakamaru: "Eh? Why? Did you also like to collect pieces of knowledge?"
Ueda: "Not at all, it was just that he was so bean-like." *laughs*
Nakamaru: "I knew it. It's just impossible to imagine Jin hunting for this kind of knowledge." *laughs*
Jin: "What the hell are you saying? I'm sensitive in strange spots!"
Ueda: "Yeah, it's certainly true, you get mad about strange things." *laughs*

Jin: "I can tell the weather by Nakamaru's hairstyle. If it's normal, that means 'clear sky'. If it's wavy, that means there'll be clouds or even rain."

Jin: "I want to be able to fly through the sky. Not with some technical means, but just like that, freely. Uoh! Wouldn't that mean I'd never be late again!?"

Jin: "Ano sa, you know, when you cry your face becomes all ugly, right? I can't stand to look at my face when I cry. So I always only cry when I'm all alone."

(Question in a magazine): Are there times when you look into the mirror and think, woah, I'm really cool?
Jin: "Yeah. Whenever Nakamaru is standing next to me."

(Advice to Kôki who started going to the gym regularly to work out)
Jin: "Ah, but don't take too many proteins! That will make the color of your eyebrows change."



'heart' KAT-TUN
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